“Funtote – The Best Canvas Tote Bag!”

The Funtote is both fun and functional because it’s sized to fit everything from book to laptops to just your lip-gloss. Perfect for school, Funtotes give you easy access to your music, bus tokens, and mobile phone. When school is out, it’s also perfect for the beach or sleepovers!

“I got your sizezipper tote and I can’t tell you how great it is! I always carry canvas bag, most of the canvas totes dont have any pockets, but I need a lot of pockets! My Funtote bag is perfect, very sturdy which I like very much. So, my search for the perfect canvas tote is over. Yours is the only one I need.”

” I love this bag – had one and after a few years it was just too over-loved 🙂 Looking forward to a new one!”

New York is a music-loving city. The design team behind Funtote has us stylish, practical commuters in mind, hand silk-screened by a painter who once exhibited at the Bronx Museum, this tote shows one’s fondness for music with a piano, violin, clarinet and French horn.

“I just wanted to take a moment to say that I ordered a tote from your website a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it! The bag is not only fashionable, but incredibly functional. It’s constructed quite well and has proven to be just what I’ve been looking for.”

“Thanks so much for the excellent design. my funtote gave me every feature I wanted for long time, nobody else could offer. These canvas tote bags are really special!”

“funtote is feature packed with plenty of room for daily use and shopping. They are the best canvas tote bags you can find, period.”

“After 5 years, finally I am getting another Funtote for myself, and I can’t wait!!!”

Funtote featured by Cosmopolitan – “Carry a *good* bag.”, Everyone can do their part to help reduce global warming. Skip using plastic bags, and get a cute reusable tote instead. Shop funtote.com for cool, cheap canvas finds.
Funtote featured by Metropage Japan – Funtote is a famous brand of hand-printed canvas tote bags features unique, bold and fashionable designs by New York artists. They are very practical and durable.

“Nice design, I like the inside shallow zip pocket, I use it for coins and keys, it works great.”

“Extremely affordable shipping! Love my bag. Arrived very quickly and the quality of product is superb.”

“What can I say, all your funtote canvas tote bags are beautifully designed, I bought 3, and will buy more, I promise.”

“Best canvas tote bag for me, just right size, right design, right price and very very well made.”

“I recently bought a funtote canvas tote bag. I am very happy with my purchase, the tote bag comes with 4 pockets that really help me to sort out my daily stuff, I use 1 pocket inside the bag for my cell phone, another zippered pocket to keep my coins; I am a real estate agent so I use the 3rd internal pocket to store about 40 business cards, it just works so perfect for me.”

“I use the side pocket of my funtote canvas tote bag for my wallet when I shop, it makes all the difference.”

“I have been looking for a nice canvas bag for awhile, and finally I found my Funtote side zipper, I carry it every day.”

Funtote featured by Blueprint magazine – WILL YOU CARRY ME? Summer Totes are often treated like flings – canvas freebies you ditch come fall. Why not try something more lasting, Blueprint magazine selected 15 winners to have and to hold and Funtote is on the top 3!

“My funtote baggy is truely an amazing bag, i have been looking for a cute gym bag for long time, i love my bubble baggy. ”

“Those canvas tote bags are very unique and very strong, I love my funtote bag.”

Funtote featured by Encore magazine – Funtote creates a product that is versatile, cool and eco-friendly, they are chic yet practical for everyday use. There is also a side zip pocket, which makes digging for your wallet or MetroCard obsolete.

“My experience with Funtote has been one of the best I have ever had. When I e-mailed them with a question, the response was immediate. The issue was resolved quickly and much better than I had expected. I will DEFINITELY order from their company again in the future and I will forward their site on to my friends.”

“Thank you for such nice product, beautiful and very useful, it is really fun to have one.”

“I love my paperclip funtote, it is a piece of contemporary art work, please say thank you to the designer for me.”

“When I first saw the Funtote cotton tote bag, I can’t believe it, they are so unique and not like anything I saw before.”

“All my friends I went shopping with are amazed with my funtote tote bag, they are surprised by so many useful features and elegant design.”

“I need a canvas bag that can last for years, and I love all the pockets, it’s the best canvas tote bag I can found.”

Funtote featured by New York megazine, Funtote Gerbera sidezipper tote is one of New York magazine’s “BEST BETS”! Fit for Lugging, Colorful totes to haul around, or out of, town.

“Beautifully designed and works well, very refreshing and stylish, funtote is the best canvas tote bags out there.”

“Funtote, it is fun tote, I bought the camouflage, I can stuck my Yoga mat out side of the bag, fabulous!”

Funtote featured by LouLou magazine – Click ‘n’ Buy Bags, LOULOU magazine has pre-selected over 25 drop-dead gorgeous bags you can buy online in just a few clicks. Tempted? Funtote Mapletree is the winner!

“Amazing canvas tote bag, there is no any other tote bag even come close.”

“Wow! your funtotes are soooo cute!!!!!, I have the swan, and really love the maple tree design, I will get it for someone for christmas. ”

“The side zipper pocket is beautifully designed for wallet, just right size. The magnetic button keeps my document secure, it has all these very useful feature that I can’t live without, plus more, All funtote are designed by visual artist, the one I have is funtote paperclip, it look good when I carry it around, and even goes very well with my house interior design. Again, I am really a happy owner of the tote, and would like to recommend it to anyone that want something very unique, and useful.”

“The best canvas tote bag, it good for books, groceries, laptop, or 6 bottle of wines :)”

Funtote featured by Natural Cotton – “Here are some of our picks to start you on your path to an eco-chic lifestyle…, Stylishly hit the town or the market, and make a bold statement with this all-cotton Funtote!”

“The Best Canvas Tote Bag!”

LOVE! This is the perfect canvas tote bag for hauling my daily essentials,  I can also use it for my laptop if I need.

“I absolutely love my Funtote bag!!! It’s very practical with 4 pockets and I like the color and design. Best tote I have purchased! Thank you!”

“I just bought my second Funtote bag, it’s the elephant design, very cute! and I had my first Maple tree Funtote for five years, carried it almost everyday, loved it!”

“I am very pleased with the tote, I like the nice and deep great colors, it looks and feels much better than I expected, would for sure buy it again and suggest it to everyone.

Funtote featured by American Cheerleader
Funtote featured by American Cheerleader