Designer Fashion Canvas Tote Bag – Funtote® is fun

Highly fashionable and very functional are two characteristics that we do not always find in the same product. Funtote® defines a new generation of canvas tote bag with contemporary modern designs. Their rich color and unique elegant patterns make you look truly special on any occasion. These beautifully designed 100% finest natural cotton canvas tote bags are machine washable, easy to care for and will last a long, long time.

Funtote® is created by a group of young and passionate visual artists who want to bring the art off the walls and borrow beauty from nature to create very special designer tote bags that we can enjoy every day.

Every Funtote® bag is uniquely designed for your convenience during shopping, traveling and daily use. Special pockets give easy access to your wallet, Ipod, cell phone, keys and coins. Some style comes with adjustable straps to hold an umbrella, extra clothing, a yoga mat and other oversized articles.

All of Funtote® bags are extremely well made and finished with exquisite detailing and construction. Each Funtote® is individually silk screened with large-format screens and hand-printed by individual artisans. Funtote® will surely set you apart from the rest, and make your day fun and memorable.

Funtote® canvas tote bags are highly affordable. They are made in small quantities in the manufacturing facility where designer clothes are also made. This enables us to execute every design detail during the production and to secure the best quality.

Funtote® is not only fun, but also eco friendly, bio degradable. We are proud of our socially and environmentally responsible customers who are beautiful on both the outside and inside.

Funtote® – The unique fun designer canvas tote bags!